configuring postfix

i am planning on getting my email server and i got my smtp server going but i cant seem to setup the pop server to work i tried to use the host name and domain that i had to setup as well as the servers ip but my email program evolution cant seem to connect to it would anyone be able to guide me on this?

i followed this guide among a list of guides on getting a server setup. The Perfect Server - OpenSUSE 11 | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

Also i’m also interested in installing ispconfig and i tried to search for a guide anyone happen to know a guide for that while i’m trying to get this to work?

Postfix is not a POP server. You need another program, e.g. dovecot.

this guide also had me setup courier-imap/courier-pop3 if this helps and the guide moves onto apache after i get it installed and all the happen to knwo what protocol postfix uses?

would anyone be able to reccomend a better pop3/imap webserver then courier by chance?

Yes, dovecot. :slight_smile:

Postfix is a SMTP server.

LOL so should have seen that coming :stuck_out_tongue:

installing dovecot right now :slight_smile: and will be seeking out a guide (linux lover but rather newish on setting up servers and such) loving opensuse more then ubuntu or fedora tbh :slight_smile: