Configuring Open SUSE 42.2 for Quickbooks DB Server- Issue with finding fam-server package

Good Day,

I’m working on configuring a Quickbooks DB Server, but am unable to find the below package or newer. I’ve searched so I’m asking if anyone can give advise.

fam-server package or later

Reference document URL here, if anyone wants to look…

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Since they mention SUSE (this is openSUSE) way back in SLE 11 days there was the fam-server (File Alternation Monitoring Daemon), what your probably looking for is the gamin-server package, how it will integrate… not sure;

Now, please note that you should probably look at moving to openSUSE Leap 42.3, 42.2 only has three days left before going EOL;

Maybe you should clarify with QB?

Thanks for the reply, I’ll follow up with QB as well, the reason why I’ve not updated was that QB asked to use Open SUSE 42.2, but looks like that will be an additional question for them. Thanks

I had the same problem. Don’t bother with quickbooks support, they’re not trained on linux at all. I installed the gamin-server package and the quickbooks database server is running however we are not having any luck on the client side. Anyone else out there have any luck getting this working?

I just upgraded to Leap 42.3 and quickbooks enterprise 18. Seems like the problems are some type of network connection issue possibly with ports? firewalls are disabled on both sides though and still no luck. my client is win7 other is win10. Neither one can work though.
Any help would be appreciated.


The following likely contains what you need FAM (File Altering Monitor)
Don’t know if it’ll be used properly by QB

If you install this and still can’t get it to work,
Post and I assume someone will take a closer look.

An alternative, a FAM-server is available as a nodejs download

I imagine there are other ways to get it… It’s something that is likely available in many different coding languages…