Configuring Logitech LX6 in openSUSE 11.2


I’d like to get the scroll wheel’s left and right tilting to work in firefox (go back and forward one page). A lot of the forums suggest ways to do this with xorg.conf, but I see that it’s been removed in 11.2. The only mouse support in Yast is this “text console mouse model” thing- what is that?? At any rate, it doesn’t have Logitech LX or MX series mice in its list.

Any suggestions for getting this to work? Am I going to have to create an xorg.conf file, and what will break if I do?

Any ideas what the direction is for Logitech mice in openSUSE? It sure would be great to have better support for mice in this distro.
(BTW, I’m running KDE)


Useful links i used to have my logitech vx rev working :

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