Configuring Linphone to use VOiP


I’ve recently found a way to call cheaply to poland from UK using Freecall. I’ve used on windows without any problems.
I wanted to use it on openSuSe and found on their website that you can download Linphone and use it on Linux.
I’ve downloaded it and now I don’t know how to configure it.

Any Linphone users out there?

You will find that Freecall is another Sister to (which I use).

I don’t need their software or any other software I just use a SIP device with my router and then just plug a regular phone in the SIP device. I use it for all my daytime and international calls.

Freecall have instructions here:

Ok, maybe I wasn’t clear.

WHat I did is I found a program on the internet that I downloaded (Freecall) and used it for calls to poland (no hardware, just software on a pc on win machine).
Because I Wanted my wife to use it as well I wanted to install it on her openSuSe 11.1. I followed advice on freecall website to install linux software called Linphone. ANd now I don’t know what’s next… how to configure it… I didn’t have to configure anything on windows…

Well did you try the Linphone home page for a man page or FAQ’s?
I have never used Linphone.
I know exactly what Freecall is and what you are refering to:P.
But hardware gets the vote from me every time.

Is there any other easy way to make internet calls to landlines and mobiles abroad on linux?

I think configuring Linphone very difficult and didn’t find any information how to easy configure it…

see here. I’m not sure if it will work for you, it did for me. Good luck!


I’ve followed the link and did exactly what was said but it still doesn’t work…

Sorry to hear that, maybe it’s because I’m actually running Ubuntu and not OpenSuse.

It just said “Could not connect” after a while of connecting…

I tried diferent numbers and the message was the same…