Configuring Hidden Networks..

Hi all,

Using Network Manager, how does one configure for a hidden wireless network?

I have it working fine in Ubuntu 9.04, but am at a loss as how to get it working in Opensuse 11.1 (KDE4.2.3).

Any helps would be greatfully appreciated.


I am not using knetworkmanager.
There is an option to add a wireless connection manually and there, you have to specify the ESSID of the hidden network.

you can run manually this command:
iwconfig eth1 essid network
where eth1 is the wireless network
network is the wireless network name

do a man iwconfig for more options. hope it helps!

Thanks for the replies.


iwconfig eth1 essid network

would resolve how if the network name is tui and it has a wpa password?


knetworkmanager does not respect any settings done manually via command line.

So how does one configure for a hidden network under knetwork manager then? Is it at all possible, or do I need to revert back to Ubuntu as my primary os? Surely not…

From the knetworkmanager interface, you can add a manual entry and configure it with corresponding ESSID, keys etc.

Thanks. I have no probs entering the info into the interface, but even when I click ‘connect automatically’ nothing happens - it would really help if the interface had a ‘connect now’ button on the interface as well. I leave it for a few minutes and still nothing? Odd.

Any ideas?

Can you first verify if you can really connect to this network or not? What I am saying is that it could be a knetworkmanager problem or a problem with the wireless connection ifself. See which of the following you can try:
(1) Unhide the network, test it to see that you can connect from the knetworkmanager.
(2) If (1) is not possible, disable knetworkmanager (go to Yast and make it traditional ifup/ifdown mode) and try.

have you had a peek at the stickies ? especially this contribution by prhunt

Scenario: You need to use WPA security for your wireless connection, and the access point has a hidden SSID.

Problem: Your wlan won’t associate with the access point even though your passphrase and all other config details are correct.

Solution: As root, edit the wlan device configuration file and add the following two entries:


This configuration is located in /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-wlan0
(or a similar file - it should be fairly obvious).

Sources: wpa_supplicant docs.

might help you


I have entered the details of the hidden network manually, and ticked the ‘connect automatically’ box. When I OK out of Knetman, even after a period of time no scan takes place. Even after a reboot of opensuse Knetman stands idle - doesn’t even try to connect.

As stated before Ubuntu handles this with no probs at all, either as a manual connect or automatically. So I doubt there is anything wrong with the wireless network itself.

Hope this helps…

Thanks for that. As a relative noob, what command would I type to get the configuration file in terminal?

Also, should I replace SSID=‘yes’ with, SSID=‘name of network to be connected to’?

I tried to paste this ‘/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-wlan0’ into terminal as root + password, but came back ‘permission denied’.

SURELY, it would make sense for the authors of Knetman to simply follow Ubuntu’s NetworkManager lead and label somewhere “Connect to hidden network”, where you can add the details of the network and then click a button called “Connect”. Rather than the rather labourious method they use atm.

The SSID must be set to the name of the hidden network.

Have you tried wicd. I don’t work with hidden networks, but wicd has an option for hidden networks, so you could give it a try.

Ok might try that.

Does anyone have the repository link for wicd? I tried installing from my existing repo’s, but found nothing.


Repo for wicd is

Thanks, although it allows for hidden networks, it appears a bit unstable on my PC. Reverted back to Knet.

So it would appear that Knetwork manager has applied a ‘Connect to hidden network’ in an update. Nice!