Configuring brother printer hl-2250dn

The proprietary driver is buggy (does not print or print 10mn after command is passed).
Then I configure the printer to use the gutenprint driver (Brother HL-2250DN - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.14) but this driver does not offer the high quality for the option print quality and does not offer the 2400x600 pdi resolution.

After comparing the two ppd files, I have modified the gutenprint ppd files by adding the missing options :

*ColorKeyWords: "Quality"
*StpQuality HQ/HQ:	"<</HWResolution[2400 600]/cupsRowFeed 5>>setpagedevice"

specifying an index of 5 for cupsRowFeed ( a guess. )
and :

*ColorKeyWords: "Resolution"
*Resolution HQ1200dpi/2400x600 DPI:	"<</HWResolution[2400 600]/cupsCompression 5>>setpagedevice"

specifying and index of 5 for cupsCompression ( a guess. )

Doing that I can print with the maximum resolution.
The options in the cups browser administration panel are those expected.
so far so good.

The problem now is that the system sometimes change one of the two options ‘Quality’ or ‘Resolution’ and I have an error :

"Unable to set Gutenprint option Quality (4 > 4)!" in the job state

But the document is printed correctly.

What can I do more to have a good ppd file ?

Part of modified ppd file

Cups offers IPP Everywhere™ - Printer Working Group Configuring the Brother_HL-L2350DW_series took a few seconds only.

erlangen:~ # grep HL-L2350DW /etc/cups/ppd/Brother_HL-L2350DW_series.ppd
*ModelName: "HL-L2350DW series"
*Product: "(HL-L2350DW series)"
*NickName: "HL-L2350DW series - IPP Everywhere"
*ShortNickName: "HL-L2350DW series - IPP Everywhere"
erlangen:~ # 

Thank you for your help.

It is not a connection problem. Any mode (socket, lpd, …) works.
All connection modes work more or less quickly. I think it’s more a driver problem ( LPR printer driver and CUPSwrapper printer driver ).
By installing the printer directly with CUPS, at some point you are forced to choose a GUTENPRINT driver ( or a BROTHER driver if you have already installed it )
For my printer (HL-2250DN) gutenprint driver does not offer resolution HQ 1200 dpi.
I have tested some other brother drivers
HLL2370DN is Ok
HL5270DN is OK but test print from CUPS take too long times.
HL5250DN is OK but test print from CUPS take too long times.
HL5170DN is OK but test print from CUPS take too long times.
And for my printer HL2250DN is OK but test print from CUPS take too long times.

I use the same printer ( or family printer ) since 2013 with the HL1270N.
Since then I have never encountered this problem of waiting time (2 minutes).

Perhaps some code has changed in cups or leap 15.4

I have found a convenient driver, problem is solve.

With older models you may download and run the linux-brprinter-installer:

leap155:~ # zypper se 2250
Loading repository data...

Reading installed packages...

S  | Name                | Summary                              | Type
i+ | cupswrapperHL2250DN | Brother HL2250DN CUPS wrapper driver | package
i+ | hl2250dnlpr         | Brother HL-2250DN LPR driver         | package
leap155:~ # 
leap155:~ # lpstat -t
scheduler is running
no system default destination
device for HL2250DN: usb:/dev/usb/lp0
HL2250DN accepting requests since Sun Jul  9 20:52:11 2023
printer HL2250DN is idle.  enabled since Sun Jul  9 20:52:11 2023
leap155:~ # 

As I said on #1, the installer is buggy.
Using cups print test page, the printer does not print (using socket) or takes 3 to 5 minutes to print (using lpd).
When the installer start, it asks you to give the printer model name (hl-2250dn) then it downloads and install the cupswrapper and the lpr drivers from their respective rpm package.

In one of my trials, I myself installed the two rpm files ( in the same order as the installer installs it ) and then run admin cups to create a printer. The result is the same as the direct installation with the Brother installer.
As I said perhaps some code has changed in cups or leap 15.4

Turn it on and off again.

How is the printer connected? Network to Router? Switch?

Turn off and on again:
Switch, router, printer.

Delete printer from cups.
Add printer again via jetdirect