Configuring Atheros wireless card, openSUSE 11 x64

After running the installer for madwifi, installing all dependencies and everything (I think) that I saw for the madwifi controller, blacklisting the ath5k, and rebooting for the effect I typed modprobe ath_pci in xterm, and konsole only to have it comeback and tell me that modprobe is not a valid command.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Are you in “root”

Right so I wasn’t running as root, thanks for the advice there. After doing so, both running as root on my account as well as simply logging into the root account, I typed in modprobe ath_pci and the command seemed to go through just dandy. Thing is, nothing happened, I sent the command through console, it didn’t return anything; and after searching through the network systems it still reports the card as not configured due to non existent firmware, in essence, that madwifi has not done a thing. Sorry to be a bother, I would just like to get my laptop away from its eth0 dependency.

Madwifi will work on 64 bit now I followed the howto here though and now it’s working!
You will of course have to make some adjustments but as long as you have gcc, kernel-source & kernel-headers installed and just use su instead of sudo you should be ok.

Now please excuese the rather idoic nature of the question, but by translate do you mean I should go about changing the commands from Ubuntu commands to openSUSE commands? My experiences with any terminal would be that of OS X and the Darwin commands, coupled with Apple’s own particular brand of commands, so I do not really understand where to go.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very very thankful that you have provided me with a guide, I am just at a loss of what to do next.