Configuring a brother printers

I am reading cups doc ’ Command-Line Printer Administration" and I have a few questions
Q1 )
As said, The -m option to lpadmin specifies the driver (“model”) to use for the printer.
In their examples, what mean ‘drv:///sample.drv/’ in

drv:///sample.drv/dymo.ppd Dymo Label Printer

I suppose it is a path but starting from where ?
Once my printer is installed using the proprietary driver installer, the ppd is in /usr/share/ppd
Does it mean that my lpadmin command should look like :

lpadmin -p printername -E -m /usr/share/ppd/my_printer.ppd

As said, lpinfo -v command to list the available backends and printers. If I know that my printer address is ‘’ can I say that the following is a correct URI to be used in a lpadmin command :


And the command finally should be :

lpadmin -p printername -E -v ipp://  -m /usr/share/ppd/my_printer.ppd

I can install separately the LPR printer driver and the cupswrapper driver.
Is that is sufficient to install the ppd ?

Once my printer is installed using the proprietary driver installer, I remove the printer from cups web admin tools.
I then create a new printer using :

sudo lpadmin -p printername  -D "printername laser B/W - USA DRIVER"  -L "printername laser B/W my_network lpd:// - USA DRIVER"  -P "/usr/share/ppd/printername.ppd"  -v lpd:// -E

I can print a test page from cups web admin tool but the output takes 150 seconds before printing.
Is it normal.

Any comments are welcome.

With both of my Brothers, time to begin printing varies based upon complexity of the print job. Printing of Google maps generally suffer long delays. IIRC, so do test pages. Sending a modest size plain text file with lpr outputs very much more quickly.

OK. Printing from kate or from cmd line is immediate.

Thank you.

I would like comments about my 3 questions.

Thank you