Configuring 3G+ GSM Internet on Linux with Nokia E-Series


Nowadays there are many ways to connect to the internet. I have broadband wireless at home but I also have this Nokia phone E-61. My Phone provider offers 3G internet via such phones. When I go for fieldwork I carry my laptop with me to places where there are no hotspots but the GSM network is present and internet connection is possible via them but a time fluctuates to EDGE or worse still to GPRS.

I have connected successfully on Windows OS. I haven’t tried on Linux. My question is thus this:

  1. Is it possible for connection to be made in Linux through and Internet Connection Sharing Setup such that 2 to 3 other people can share my internet connection wirelessly via either blue tooth, LAN or Wifi? :\
  • techfan80,

should work. Connect the phone via USB cale and run dmesg.
Do you see a new tty device being set up? If so, configure this tty device as a modem in Networkmanager, KNetwork, Yast, whatever.


Well dude. let me try and will be post you a message!