configure wgxa+ res. with sax2

Hi, I`m new in the linux area so my exoeriance is low-
after install suse 11 I cant configure hte 1650x1050 res. in sax2 within the test screen i couldnt change the size. if i test the configuration in sax2, it change always to 1152x864 @ 68khz, 75hz. and no change to change the position. Same problem i had before with suse 10.3. the only res. works with is 1400x1050

what do i wrong?

HW: msi motherboard with pentium D820 dobbel core,
-nvidia geforce 8500gt 1000MB
-22" WGXA+ TFT Display HANNSG HG216D (1650x1050_75Hz wors under XP well without spezial driver only Standardmonitor)

somebody an idea?!

  • manageman,

install the NVidia drivers and run sax2 again.


hi, thats the first thing i have done - with online update it installed the newes nvidia driver. I can also configure the nvidia x-panel but only to 1400x 1050 as higest res. shown. if i configure 1650x1050 the screen falls out of range - means vertical ok but horizontel all over 1400 are out of screen! it looks as if the monitor will take only a 5to 4 signal. but i do the monitor settings in sax2 exact to 21.8" 16/10 horizontal 40 to 70khz, vertikal 50 to 80hz.

it looks as sax2 wouldnt aczept the 16/10

by the way: on my laptop HP dv9868eg the online installation works well and set up directly 1440x900 very fine. The only problem there vista wouldnt boot with grup an cant repair with recovery so i change in suse 11_64 from Grup to lilo and then everithings working fine without anything to manipulate on vista.

  • manageman,

in sax2, select a LCD screen with 60Hz rather than 75.


thanks Uwe, but i think, i know the problem. there is also a tv-card installed and I haven`t configure the nvidia-Card in sax2. Last time I have coded in C and work on a unix system are 25 years ago at the university but Microsoft give me with Vista the kick to learn again and change step by step to linux. Lot of things are change rapidly: installation are very easy and linux ask me not so many questuions, but in some cases I miss remember (help) like how to configure the nvidia Card. I find it now at the nvidia driver page within the “readme” So i start now aand let you know the result.
winni from schneverdingen

For NVIDIA cards you have to use only the NVIDIA configuration utility.

Don’t set your resolution through the KDE4 control center or it might override the NVIDIA settings.

I think there is an option in the NVIDIA configuration utility - click the “Advanced” button and see if it is possible to make changes.

Are you sure you don’t want 1680x1050; that’s 16/10. Also, installed with the nvidia driver is an extensive manual.

Thats the big problem i have! No tool! the nvidia x-server config util give me only the option to change the res but not all the other option to set like in the nvidia-“readme” describet. the only opportunity to set the options i found in sax2 :nvidia card options! Ore are somwhere a spezial config tool, i didn`t found?

best regards winni

I will be also happy with 1440x900! the only thing i will, is a wgxa+ resolution on a 22" wgxa+ screen! The card give me the res but so as i have a 5to4 that means a quarter of the horizontal part of the sceen i miss. with 1440x900 the left quarter of the monitor is black and the right quarter of the sreen ist missing - the positionig dosent work!

Hi, so i verify somthing: the nvidia x-config tool is now cofigured with 1650x1050_60@ 90x91dpi and works but on the monitor do I see only a part of them as if the monitor takes a signal as a 15" 5/3 VGA-Monitor. So I must scoll the sceen.

Resume: the x-config file looks like it shall but why the signal to the Monitor is like an 15" 5/3 with 1024x768?
why sax2 will not aczept any changes in Monitor sices? witch config must be change to tell the system that the monitor is a widescreen?
Please help!! I know a lot about windows but nothing about linux yet…

First, double-check that you installed the correct driver. It is the “G01” version for your card.

There are settings that are not available through sax. Read through the README.txt file in /usr/share/doc/packages/x11-video-nvidiaG01. (The information is also in html under the html folder in this directory; the first page is part-01.html.) Also look at the man page for nvidia-xconfig (type >man nvidia-xconfig in a terminal), it will update the xorg.conf file for you with anything you find in the README. Or you may need to edit the xorg.conf file by hand.

Occasionally, it is an issue with a specific version of the driver. There is a version of the nvidia site, sometimes a newer version, that can be installed from a script that compiles the driver. Before trying that, however, I would do more research. And if you do try this, be sure to first un-install the current nvidia-driver in YaST. You will be installing the compile version from the command line without X running.

But again, try Google, I turned up a number of hits on issues with the 8500GT, sometimes a problem only on Linux, other times only on Windows.

Better yet, try the nvidia Linux forum, it is very good.

NVIDIA Linux - nV News Forums

Search for “8600GT” and/or post your question there.