Configure Wayland for Tumbleweed

I can’t find any information on configuring and using Wayland
If anyone can help it would be appreciated

I use Tumbleweed on an EFI system with KDE desktop
M/B = GA-X99-UD3

I have all the packages installed (I think :wink: ) and just need to know how to actually configure it to work instead of (or with) XORG

Packages: | weston - Wayland Reference Compositor|

libKF5WaylandClient5 libKF5WaylandServer5



libgstvaapi-wayland-0_4-1 >>> corrected










On 2015-05-28 02:36, snow365 wrote:
> I can’t find any information on configuring and using Wayland
> If anyone can help it would be appreciated


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> I use Tumbleweed on an EFI system with KDE desktop

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At present, the only way that I know to use wayland, is to use “gdm” as the desktop login manager. And, when I last tried, that allowed running Gnome with wayland, but nothing else.

I could be mistaken. But it is my impression that they are working on wayland for sddm and Plasma5 but they are not yet quite ready.

Thanks for that - I use sddm and plasma5 - I’ll keep a look out

On a different note, somehow my root password has changed since my last post without my knowledge - is there a way for me to find it?

Except when you have told someone else your original password in the first place, it can not change without you doing it yourself. So check that first.

You can not find the password in your system itself. it is only stored encrypted.

You can thus only change it to something new by using a rescue system.

I didn’t change it and no one knows it
and being a noob I don’t know how to use rescue system
would appreciate it if you could show me how

First find out what the root partition of your current system is.

mount | grep ' / '

Probably it is something like /dev/sda2 when you are not multibooting. I have used /dev/sda2 below, but you must replace that with the correct one!

Use any Linux stand alone CD/DVD. The openSUSE installation DVD is fine. When you use that one, there should be menu entry Rescue.

The boot should end with a console login. It depends a bit, but use root as username and just hit Return when it asks for a password. You are now root in the rescue system. Then

mount /dev/sda2 /mnt
chroot /mnt

This means that you mount your systems root partition on /mnt in the rescue system.
Then you switch your directory root (not the user of that name, but what your bash session thinks is the root of the directory tree) to it.
Then you fire the passwd commando. It will ask for your new password twice. You will not see anything happen while you type. When the prompt is back, you are done.

shutdown -h now