Configure Suse to use online repository NOT DVD

I don’t always have the DVD handy - but 99% of the time online. How do I configure OpenSuse to get packages from a repository instead of looking for a DVD? If this is pointed out somewhere else plainly - please just point me in the right direction. Thanks!

YaST -> Software -> Software repositories

add, delete, enable disable as required.

Well darn - just found it. Yast > Software Repositories > Uncheck the CD line under “Enabled” Well, at least someone can now hopefully find this.

Repositories/11.1 - openSUSE-Community

while you’re adding repositories you can also delete the dvd repository by clicking it and then selecting delete.

I see you sorted your issue, once the install is complete I create a
local repository and point it at the downloaded dvd iso file and set
that to be used before the online repos…

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This is a good idea. I too follow it on my machines. If you don’t have the original ISO file and only DVD is available, you can re-create the ISO by dumping the DVD device to a file using the dd command.

dd if=/dev/sr0 of=openSUSE.iso

Substitute the dvd device if it not /dev/sr0