Configure internet connections without manager

Hi! I’m new in openSuse and i studying Engeneer, and my teacher saids that the Netwrk Manager or any other manager doesn’t funciont like he want and he say to us that wwe have to learn to connect our pc to the internet connection wired or wifi in the terminal editing one file and stopping our network manager. How i do it? Thanks

Use Yast.

Network Devices → Network Settings

At that point, click on Global Options, and select “Traditional Method with ifup”.

Then click the “Overview” tab, and select the device. You can configure everything you need within Yast. The settings that it makes will be in files in the directory “/etc/sysconfig/network”. Use “ls -l” to find which files changed, and look inside those files.

It is generally wiser to use Yast, but if you want to directly edit the config files, that can work too. Maybe make a backup of that directory first, so that you can more easily recover from any mistakes.

If you want to trace what happens on bootup, look at the script “/etc/init.d/network” or “/etc/init.d/rc5.d/S05network” (actually the same file). It is called as

/etc/init.d/rc5.d/S05network start

during system startup. If you are able to read scripts, you can follow though what happens and how it eventually gets to the scripts in “/etc/sysconfig/network”.

Learning how to administer the network from the command line is a good thing. To get started, have a look at these man pages:

man 8 ip
man ifconfig
man route

Google will possibly find some tutorials for “Linux Network Configuration”. Quite good: Linux Network Configuration. It is not written for openSUSE; you will note some subtle differences.

On 09/18/2011 01:56 AM, kevingcfcb88 wrote:

> my teacher said …

if you must learn, shouldn’t your teacher teach???

or at least hand you a book (or URL) where you are to study?

or did the teacher tell you to just learn on your own?

or, send you out into the wild internet to ask wherever you wish for
someone else to feed your thirst for knowledge…

what operating system and version are you using in class? does it come
with the documentation you need for learning?

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  1. In YAST, configure Network Devices to use ifup/ifdown instead of Network Manager. That will enable you to configure your wired connections fairly easily as long as you connect to the same wired network all the time. If you’re using a portable device (eg laptop) that connects to multiple networks (eg work, home elsewhere), then you’ll run into a problem creating multiple virtual network interfaces even for the same network as you connect/disconnect/connect again repeatedly.

  2. For your wireless connections, you’ll need to select alternative wireless connection managers, I recommend
    For WEP networks, use iw which is not installed by default. Easy to use, very straighforward
    For WPA networks, use WPA_supplicant which should already be installed with your default install (assuming install detected a wireless NIC). Is the standard wireless connection utility, extremely versatile, supports storing your wireless configurations in files, auto detection, etc.


Tell the guy he’s an idiot and should learn a thing or two about NetworkManager :stuck_out_tongue:

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On 2011-09-22 04:56, tsu2 wrote:
> If you’re using a portable device (eg laptop) that
> connects to multiple networks (eg work, home elsewhere), then you’ll run

That was done with the profile feature of YaST, but it was removed.

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these might help: