Configure Apache on eth0 (DHCP) / OS11.1

Hi All,

I’m having problems binding Apache2 to the DHCP address assigned by my Windows server. Yast -> Network Services -> HTTP Server, Listen Ports and Addresses:

  • All Addresses
  • 80
  • Firewall, Port Open for eth0

I can get a page served up through, and But no joy on the DHCP address of from both the local machine or the LAN. I confirmed the host’s address using nslookup. Any ideas?


The gyrations are a bit beyond Yast.

euler:~ # cat /etc/apache2/listen.conf


DHCP address for eth0 on Euler

Listen euler.home.pvt:80
Listen euler.home.pvt:443 https
Listen https
euler:~ # apache2ctl -t
Syntax OK
euler:~ # httpd2 -k restart

Just do a

Listen 80

or leave listen.conf alone. By default it listens on port 80 on all interfaces which will do what you want, and port 443 is enabled when you pass SSL in APACHE_SERVER_FLAGS in /etc/sysconfig/apache2.