How do you configure the system to automaticly change wallpaper and the standard Icon Theme to a custom made.

-If Im not mistaken, it must be something to do with the option to make a script at the end of the installation, -Ive seen the option in the creation, however Im NOT very good at scripting so a little help would be apprechiated :shame:

What desktop (LXDE, twm, Gnome etc) are you using and openSUSE version?

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Oh sorry

Im using the Gnome desktop

-Also a vierd thing when I right click on the dedesktop and choose “change walpaper” nothing happens even tough I am logged in as root.

It’s useless to change user-settings as root, this has to be done by the respective user. It is also recommended never (never!) to log into a session as root, if needed, switch to root within your users environment (and I repeat: in this case it won’t work anyway).

@topic: what exactly do you mean by “automaticly change wallpaper and the standard Icon Theme to a custom made”? I don’t quite get the idea…

Finally: please post topics in the respective subforum. Your problem is not about anything boot-related, is it?

Please don’t login as root user :frowning: You can do all you need as a normal
user with gnomesu/sudo commands. I suggest youi have a read here;

Specifically this one;

Now, unless you want to create your own xml files to do it. I have an
application built called ‘Desktop Drapes’ which can be found here;

To change icons you need to unpack the icons into a hidden folder
called .icons in the file manager ‘Nautilus’ select the menu item view
and check the show hidden folders. You can then drag and drop you icon
gzip file and unpack here via a right click. Then if you open the
control center (via the computer icon on the panel) select the
‘Appearance’ icon and then select ‘customize’ click on the icon tab
and your icon set should be there to select.

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