Configuration Wireless Card

Hi all, sorry for my english, i’m italian and I have 16 years :slight_smile:

I have to configure my wireless card but we can not, here is the data:

RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card
Produttore: Ralink Technology Corp.

I also tried unsuccessfully with ndiswrapper :frowning:

Help me please … e. … W linux


Ciao i’m italian too. I already posted the solution on this forum for the issue about rt73. Now i cannot give you the exact url because i’m using my cellphone to write but perform an advanced search against the username bcrisciotti and look my posts. If in troubles feel free to send me a private message or post again here for more info. Anyway don’t worry the rt73 driver works it only miss the firmware

Thanks for your response. I found the post but I could not understand much :frowning: I feel very ignorant :slight_smile:

I read ASUS drivers? What focus? I refer to this post:Need help connecting to internet - openSUSE Forums

If you want to write my “lsusb”. Thank you once again :slight_smile:

Infact asus produces a wifi stick based on the chip rt73. From there we will extract the firmware. So download the linux driver from there and uncompress it. In one of the directories extracted (now i don’t remember exactly which but should be ‘module’) there is the file rt73.bin that is what we are looking for. Just as root put this file in /lib/firmware and then configure the stick as usual with yast>network devices. That’s all. Hope this helps. Let me know

Ok, I put the file in the folder, but now nn can connect to the access point :frowning:

Where are all the wireless networks available? He’s also an MP mandate;)

Hi. I did not forget this issue even if i did not posted news. A couple of days ago i had to install os11 for a customer of mine. He uses an rt73 based stick so i tought: no problem. Mine is perfectly working! No luck this time. So i managed to fix the problem. This could help you too if still you have the problem. Download the latest drivers from and compile them. You need to have the kernel sources ,gcc and make installed. Reboot just to make it easy then insert the stick and configure the card as usual with yast. Choose to control the interface with the traditional method (ifup) NOT networkmanager. This time is up! Hope this is valid for you too