Configuracion compac presario c700 suse 11.0

Buenas a todos:
Hace poco que he adquirido un compac presario c700, al que he instalado suse 11.0, pues bien, este portatil lleva una camara web integrada, y no consigo hacerla funcionar, a pesar de utilizar la herramienta camorama.

Tambien necesito ayuda para configurar redes inalambricas.

Mi unica experiencia en linux a sido con ubuntu, aunque he cambiado a suse ya que su interface me parece mas amigable, pero no estoy acostumbrado a los paquetes .rpm .

De todas maneras soy muy cabezota y pienso seguir adelante a pesar de ser un profano en la materia.

gracias anticipadas;)

Greetings, please could you translate to english ? not many on the forum speak multiple languages


One month ago, I bought a compac presario c700, and install open suse 11.0, but i’ve problems with the webcam configuration, and Ie tools like “camorama”.

Them I need help to confirurate the wireless tools.
I’ve only experience in the linux world trought Ubuntu, and I’Dont have experience in the use of .urpm sistem packages.

Excuse my Horrible English


not a problem, can’t really help with the webcam,but, have a look through the stickies in the wireless section, some good info there. Any problems with them, post the problem in the wireless section.
the camera, have you installed the drivers for it ? have a look here or here Linux OVCam Drivers - List of known devices and here Creative Linux Webcam Support to see if it’s supported. Have you checked the HCL list yet ? might find some answers there HCL/Web Cameras - openSUSE


Please look here for webcam guidance:
HCL/Web Cameras - openSUSE

Please look here for some wireless guidance:

For some basic openSUSE Linux concepts, please read the following:
Concepts - openSUSE

thanks a lot