Guys, I think I am in love. rotfl!

Linux is just awesome in comparison to Windows. I don’t know how I stayed in a relationship with Windows for so long when Linux was right there like the girl next door. Linux is stable, (unlike crazy Windows) uses less memory, does everything that Windows can and doesn’t make me bankrupt!

Get this girl a ring! :wink:

lets have a party, and cut the cake!!

may you live happily ever after.

congrats on the conversion to linux :slight_smile:

welcome to the dark side :smiley:

Oh I have been using Linux for years. SuSE linux as well, since version 8. I just never used a GUI, it was always command line, and that was in the workplace or in school.

I decided to ditch Windows at home and switch 100% to Linux a couple months ago and install a GUI (KDE). It’s just fantastic, the power of command line with the beauty of a GUI. PERFECCCCT. :stuck_out_tongue: