.conf files missing after update timed out

I was running an update to updgrade firefox to the latest version. the update timed out and now when i boot the laptop i get the command line login. Typing startx brings a screen with a black cross in the middle and a black and white background.

In the boot process a lot of errors are coming up saying “conf files need .conf”. Also i have noticed an error that says the xorg.conf file is not where it should be. I know this is responsible for graphical boots so could be my problem. However yast and network services are also not working in the command line so i am unable to update to fix this. I installed from a live CD so im unsure how to use this to repair my system?

So where and how were you getting this “update” ?

If you hooked in to the factory repo you could have been getting a lot more then just FF. There is no way that even a failed update of FF word mess things up that much. There had to be more going on.

This sounds like your system is totally borked. It may in theory be able to be pieced back together. But the effort would be huge. Better to reinstall. You could try a repair. But I would do a clean install and NOT format the home partition to save my data and settings.

With great power comes great responsibility.

I was updating from the source repository as well. I am thinking that a clean install may be the easiest way to remedy this - im only a week or so into usage. ill just take it on board as another experience in my learning of all things linux :P. Thanks for the reply

Here is the thing. If you install things via one-click the installer will add repositories to your list. Some are no problem but if the package comes from an unstable or other wise incompatible repo now you may get updates from this repo and packages from that repo that may be unstable in your version. In general it is alright to get the packages like that but DO NOT leave the repos active in the repo list.

That said I don’t know for sure that the problem was caused by bad repo lists. But I do know that installing/updating a single package should not bring the wholes system down. :wink:

Although unlikely after only one week, if the / partition is full it can also cause some strange behavior, this did occur during an update.

If you have a very small root partition it may not take too long to fill it.