Anyone know a rpm or a install for concerto digital sygnage.

Looks like they have a docker imageā€¦

I don t want a docker install.

Then would need to build from source, have you tried the virtual machine to see how it all works?

No i was starting to install from source but its a pain in the ass. Now I M trying the docher install but the instal is still busy installing sassc with native extension.
This is not working. I used to install xibo in earlier days but thats not possible anymore these days its fully commerial with a client.
O i see something is happening the docker method is still installing.

No I haven t
Can not get the source install working.

I would try the virtual machine then if not wanting docker.

Sorry i quit with concerto the docker image is not working
Was just looking for a free opensource digital signage but even xibo is not possible anymore and free is now 30 days.