Computer won't find wireless card.

Bit of a noob to linux, so sorry if this is an obvious question. Ok, I did what the sticky said, and typed “sudo /usr/sbin/iwlist scan” in the terminal, and got:

lo Interface doesn’t support scanning

eth0 Interface doesn’t support scanning

wmaster0 Interface doesn’t support scanning

wlan0 Interface doesn’t support scanning: Network is down

pan0 Interface doesn’t support scanning

Any idea what this means? Any help would be appreciated.

The stickies say a lot more than only that, so post more information (as explained in the stickies).

welcome to the OpenSuse forums ; we hope you enjoy using the OpenSuse variant of linux;

try this script to see if it can help sort your wireless issue:

Benutzeranleitung/Usersguide von/of collectNWData |

you download a script; it analyses your wireless setup; it may well suggest how you can fix it; if you cannot sort that, post back to this forum what the script says; so copy and paste the results of the script;

let us know if it is helpful to you

the very helpful framp, who developed this script even has a way of running the script by just clicking with your mouse

collectNWData mit einem Mausclick starten / start collectNWData with a mouse click |

depending on your prior computer experience, that may be very helpful;