Computer won't boot

Today I realized that my computer won’t boot. I shut it down 2 days ago and now it refuses to boot.

At the line “starting Plymouth Bootscreen” the system stops booting.

I have made a screenshot from it.](

I have my primary disk encrypted so actually I would have to type in my password but it seems that this dialog does not show up. I did it with dm crypt setup.

What could I try.

Really need some help. Thank you very much.

When you see the boot menu, hit the ‘e’ key.

That should allow you to edit the boot command line (I’m assuming “grub2” or “grub2-efi” is used).

Then scroll down until you find a line that begins “linux” (or “linuxefi”).

Scroll right along that boot line. There is probably a string “splash=silent” (without the quotes). Delete that string, then hit F10 to continue booting. That should work around problems with “plymouth”, which I’m guessing are the cause of your issues.

It might not help, but it is worth trying.

I had this issue too today, all of the sudden. Lost 3 hours with this issue. Pressing ‘e’ at grub choice, removing splash=silent and then pressing F10 helped.
My last console line were too something about plymouth and dracut.

Same problem (and workaround) here. It seems that the combination of a LUKS encrypted drive and plymouth is not working these days.

You can edit “/etc/default/grub” and remove the “splash=silent” there. Then regenerate “grub.cfg” with

# grub2-mkconfig -l /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

Then you won’t have to edit the grub menu on every boot.

I’m using LUKS encryption, and I did not run into problems with plymouth here. Possibly it depends on your graphics hardware. I do have problems with plymouth on Tumbleweed, but not on 42.3. However, I have removed “splash=silent” anyway, because I actually like to see those messages.

I am using Tumbleweed, too. Removing “splash=silent” solved the problem. I did use Yast | Configure Bootloader for this task.

Seems to be a reported bug. I have a dual monitor setup as described in the bug report. You can try CTRL-ALT-F7 to restore the graphical login screen.