Computer sometimes freezes

Opensuse is 11.2. Freezing is random, several time a day, Alt+SysRq+REISUB is not working. Seems temperatures are OK. There are two different RAM sticks, 128 and 256MB, I tested RAM, no errors. Freezing with two different video cards. Errors from

cat /var/log/messages|grep ERROR

cat /var/log/messages|grep E - Anonymous - RM3hfUg6 -](

cat /var/log/messages|grep error

cat /var/log/messages|grep e - Anonymous - JJpjBJyH -](

smartctl -a /dev/sda

Can it be because of these errors, any drivers or else? Hard disk don’t have badblocks.

i doubt i can fix your problemS, but you have at least two things
going on (problems on SDB and segfault in video/audio…

maybe if you can answer these it will give us a direction to go
(hardware vs software vs setup):

is there another OS on the hard disk? does it run well?

how does it run if booted from a openSUSE 11.2 Live CD?

has this install of 11.2 always run this way? if not, can you pinpoint
when it began, and was it very soon after an update or install of new

do the symptoms change when desktop effects are turned off?

and, please tell us more about your hardware and your desktop environment

i see you tested RAM (that is good, because it is certainly suspect
with your description of problems) but, i wonder how long you ran the
test–most here will recommend overnight, at least…

WAIT!! you do not have the minimum 500 MB physical RAM required for
11.2, so it is no wonder you have problems…(unless you are running
without an X server, and GUI)…

so, i suggest you add at least until you meet the minimum, and much
better get to the 1 GB recommended…and, then post again if you
continue with problems…

OR, seek a lighter weight distro, there are a list of them in one of
my earlier posts, here:

use what fits your machine, and you…


I’m not running KDE4 - it’s because I’ve heard the requirements :slight_smile: Installed XFCE4 from DVD, then following LXDE - openSUSE changed to LXDE without effects and actually happy about performance. Now computer is running >4hrs, no signs to freeze yet. Yesterday it was several times. Transmission was working, downloading, today it is not, maybe this is the reason? I’ll see later, if download is freezing, what reasons can be, network card, anything else?