"Computer menu" has stopped working

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using openSUSE 11.0 for about three weeks, and have found it very user-friendly. This morning, the “computer menu” (at the bottom left of the screen on my (Gnome) desktop environment) stopped working. I click on it (left or right click), and nothing happens. The mouse is OK otherwise.

Has anyone seen this before? What are the possible causes?


Many Gnome users, including myself, have had this problem.

The temporary solution is to remove “gnome-web-photo” from YaST Package Manager (unisntall the package).

Many of us have also submitted Bug reports, which have been consolidated to this topic: Click Here.

Hope that solves the problem, at least for the time being, until it is fixed. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’d had problems with gnome-web-photo repeatedly crashing, but I didn’t associate that issue with Gnome Main Menu not working.

Before I saw your reply, I rebooted, and the “Computer” button disappeared from the panel completely. I’ve uninstalled gnome-web-photo and logged out and in again, but the Computer button is still missing.

Any ideas on how I could get it back? Or should I switch to XFCE? :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Try a right click on the panel , select ‘add to panel’ and drag the ’ Main Menu ’ item back in.

Hope that helps,

Thanks – I should have thought of that! :slight_smile: It’s now fixed.