computer inoperable after updates this morning

System was running no problems. I did a set of patches and updates this morning (10/5/17) after getting security update alert. These were new updates from 3 days ago or so when I did last updates. An nvidia update was included from the nvidia repo… I have nvidia graphics card. I did updates through zypper.I did a reboot.

Now, I cannot get through boot. A box appears saying…
“Could not connect to session bus. Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-xxxxxxxxx. Connection refused.”
There is a close Button on the box but I have no mouse to get to it.
I have tried boot recovery mode option and get same situation.
I can only power off.

The boot process looks like it works until the 3rd box on the screen is accessed. Some text goes by too fast to read. Then the box (above) appears.
Power off shutdown goes through the openSUSE shutdown screen.

openSUSE 42.3
Mate desktop, gnome also installed
nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti graphics

Need suggestions on how to proceed

LEAP 4.3, KDE and GTX 1050 with nvidia repo driver, updated today. No issues after reboot.

I’d suggest you roll to a previous snapshot as an interim measure to access your desktop - if you have a standard install (btrfs, snapper, etc).

I would say the same, try to boot from a snapshot