computer inept w/dell inspiron e1405 needing wireless help

lets face it i have no clue what im looking at when im seeing peoples answers to problems.

i know my way around a computer enough, but am not at all experienced.

i just switched to opensuse 11.0 from ubuntu 7.10

and when i installed my on board wireless drive was not active.
this also happened when i installed ubuntu but i cannot for the life of me remember how i solved it, and even if i did im not sure it would help.

i have a
dell inspiron e1405
100-120gb hard drive
1gb ram
intel core duo processor 1.66GHz

and i know that my wireless module is something like this:
802.11b/g wireless card

but i have no solid info here and i am lost
please help, if you need more info i will be happy to give it

have a read of the stickies at the start of the wireless section,lots of good info there