Computer Hungs with Sound card installed --HELLLP :(

Hey , i hope you can help my because ive been looking and looking for an answer and i cannot find anything :frowning:
Basicaly my problem is with my desktop computer, i had openSuse 11.0 installed con my computer and everything was working fine untill i added a new sound card(Genius audio maker 5.1) and after that my computer works for a few seconds and it just freezing itself and i have to do a hard shutdown.
I tried to configure it using Alsaconf and didnt work
I tried to disable my integrated card from BIOS and didnt work,
I tried to change the driver and configure my card from YAST and didnt work,
I tried to install openSuse 11.1 and didnt work. i even tried to install Mandriva and nothing happens so i assume that its a problem with the drivers,

Please i need help to eather configure it or disable it when working with linux(how to disable my 5.1 card and work with the integrated one without having to take it out from my computer) because on windows it works fine :frowning: i hope u can help my guys. thanks for your help.:frowning: