Computer freezes on Wi-Fi connection

I installed leap 42.2 yesterday, and I found out that my usb wifi adapter (rtl8192cu) was recognized and could connect. But when I tried to connect to my WPA2 network, the entire computer froze after about one second. The caps lock and scroll lock also flashed continuously.

I rebooted and the same thing happened. I cannot do anything with my computer. On lsusb, it recognizes it as a Realtek rtl8192cu device. I do not have a wired connection available to me. Any help is appreciated.

Oh goody, someone has the same problem as me. I just made three fresh installs on my laptop. Twice with KDE and once with GNOME. On first usage the systems worked wonderfully but when I restarted them they just froze completely. Now I’ve managed to isolate it to being my USB Wi-Fi dongle. For those who wonder why I want to use the dongle it is because the WiFi adapter in the laptop is extremely unreliable. Dropping out whenever it feels like.

I am currently using Lenovo G50 with OpenSUSE 42.2 GNOME edition.

It’s a known problem, see Kernel panic after updating to linux 4.4.46-11 - Install/Boot/Login - openSUSE Forums

Workaround: boot an older kernel (in “Advanced Options” in the boot menu)

You could also install the testing kernel mentioned in the bug report (until the update is released), that should work as well.