Computer Demos, if you like

This scene is still active, but rather small now.
For anyone who grew up with the excitement of cool hardware and software that gets the last bit out of the hardware, you know what a computer can do.

I became a fan of it in my Amiga days and to this day i enjoy seen them. But there is not much base here in the states really as far as i can tell.

Anyway, for you the one who maybe never seen these, i will link some nice old and news ones.

There are two main party sides you like to visit.

Breakpoint 2010 - Like There’s No Tomorrow // Bingen am Rhein, Germany, Easter Weekend 2010

Assembly Winter 2011

Here some newer demos which are made by Farbrausch


This is made by Fairlight


And this is a fairly old demo made by Future Crew in 1993. Back in the days with 486DX.


Hope you enjoyed the videos.


There is a new Easter Party in Saarbruecken, Germany on easter since Breakpoint is no more.

Here the invitation demos


Welcome | REVISION 2011 - The Easterparty. April 22nd to 25th of 2011 in Saarbruecken, Germany