Computer components - power issue.

Not specifically a linux / opensuse problem, but maybe someone can help.

so i press the on button on my PC and i get just the led light, no fans, no hard disk - when i look inside the fans just give a whirr, then die.

so I have a power supply tester,
and i plugged in the 24 pin motherboard connector and the 4 pin motherboard connector and from on the unit, on the 4 pin connector it has

(only +12v lights up)

on the 24 pin connector, it has
(all light up except the -5v)

interestingly when the power supply tester is plugged in, the hard disk begins to whirr, but the fans remain dead.

Do i need a new PSU, some new wires, a new motherboard, or a whole new computer?
or can I fix it.

On 04/14/2011 05:06 PM, eds19 wrote:
> so I have a power supply tester,

do you have the user instruction manual which came with the PSU? :wink:

i don’t know what it says, but i guess you should see your answer in
there somewhere…

but, if you have no output on some leads: replace the PSU.

and i suggest you look at the label on the one to be replaced to see its
rated output and buy a new one which is half again as powerful…that
is, if the old one is 300 watts, buy a new 450 watts, or larger…

it will run cooler, last longer and give smoother/cleaner output…
and, the price difference between a 300 and a 500 is usually pretty
small–oh, and buy one with “quiet” in the name…

please note: you didn’t give us a lot of info, so maybe you have a bad
motherboard which fried your PSU…and, if you put a new one in the bad
board may fry it too…so, before you buy the one read my caveat, below…

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The same thing recently happened to me with a desktop, POST wouldn’t even start. After testing with another PSU and another cpu cooler fan, I ended up changing the motherboard.