Computer becomes unresponsive after I leave it overnight - OpenSuse 12.1 new install

I just installed opensuse 12.1 on a new computer. I am in the habit of leaving my system running all the time. (The computer itself is so quiet you can’t hear it running.) After idling overnight, my system will not “resume” the next morning. Note that I am not suspending or hibernating it. I’m just letting it run. The monitors go blank, but that’s it.

But the first morning it became unresponsive to all input. I had to push the reset button. The second morning it was also unresponsive, but apparently alt-alt-del worked this time (although I couldn’t see what was happening on the screen at the time due to it being blank, but I eventually got to a login screen after ctrl-alt-del).

The system uses an Asus P8B-WS motherboard, Intel Xeon E-3 CPU, 16 GB Kingston ECC RAM, ATI Radeon HD6750 and Opensuse 12.1 (KDE) (new install and pretty much stock).

Where should I start troubleshooting to figure out why the computer stops responding after sitting idle for an extended period?

The problem does not happen during the day, even if I let the screen saver come on or even if I wait longer until the monitors go blank. The problem only happens after not being used overnight.

The motherboard uses an EFI AMI bios and has several fairly advanced power management features. I have not changed these from stock settings yet.

EDIT: I can’t tell if my problem is related to the BIOS power management settings, the monitors, the GPU, or the OS – everything is new.

My video card is a PowerColor Go! Green ATI Radeon HD6750 1 GB DDR5 2DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card AX6750 1GBD5-NS3DHG. The card has one Display Port, one HDMI and 2 DVI connectors.

I have 3 monitors connected: a Dell U3011 (30" at 2560x1600) and 2 Dell 24" (1920x1280). The U3011 is on Display Port. One 24" uses HDMI and the other one uses DVI.

Today I did notice that I could not get the main monitor (30" on Display Port) to come back on after temporarily switching it to another input (Motorola set top box on an HDMI input video source). The computer was running and the other two monitors showed opensuse. But when I switched the 30" monitor input back to Display Port (which is connected to the ATI Radeon HD6750), it stayed blank no matter what I did, until – using the other monitor – I went into display configuration and changed the resolution from 2560x1600 to 1920x1200. I didn’t even have to accept that configuration. I canceled it, and the monitor remained “awake”. But it was very tough to get the monitor to come back on. This reminds me of what happens after the system sits overnight.

I have not had a problem with this monitor waking up before, but I never used the Display Port input.

I appreciate any suggestions.

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If you are not loading the AMD proprietary video driver, you should consider it. Here is a useful link for those that do.

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I was just reading this thread:
So far I’m only through about the first 2 pages, but it seems to imply that I should NOT install the AMD proprietary video driver.

I’m confused.

There is no doubt that the proprietary video drivers can often do a better job of driving your branded hardware of their make than the open sources ones can do. Of course, if there is a problem, it is not the fault of openSUSE and further, you are often using closed source software. None the less, in such a configuration as you have, it is one of the things I would try and only if it worked no better would I toss it out. In the end it is your choice however and we do hope that your setup works properly for you.

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OK, thanks. I did the install with the really nice script you linked. I’m just rebooting now, so we’ll see if it helps. I’ll know in the morning…

Good luck and let us know of your success in the morning.

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I’d be inclined to switch off the screensaver entirely and also stop the powermanagement turning the monitor off.
This is what I do, and I physically turn my monitor off if I am leaving it for any length of time

Thanks. I actually did one test that had been problematic (switching main monitor to another input) and it seems to be working much better now. It looks like this might be the solution. :slight_smile:

It looks to be solved. Thanks!

(Is there a way to mark a thread solved in these forums?)

If I turn off my monitors and then turn them back on later, I get two of these annoying pop-ups with the message:

“Monitor setup has changed - KDE Daemon A new monitor output has been connected.
Do you wish to run a configuration tool to adjust the monitor setup?”

It gives me the option to ignore, which is what I click, so I guess it isn’t a big deal…

Otherwise, things seem to be working now with the proprietary driver. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

> Is there a way to mark a thread solved in these forums?

i think you can add a solved tag, right?

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Actually, it is more than annoying. It changes my monitor’s resolution settings. And in order to return to the setting I had before turning my monitor off, I now have to reconfigure and reboot. So turning monitors off manually is not a workable solution.