Computer appears to crash with all multimedia, sporadically

I don’t know if its because of my hardware or what ( since I was getting freezing all the time in opensuse 11.4 and thankfully opensuse 12.1 came around )

but I still get freezes and it seems to happen when watching movies with vlc/kaffeine  or listening to music in amarok.  And today it froze my system watching a Flash news clip. And when I say freeze,  I mean it locks up my computer and repeats about 5 seconds of sound until I reboot.

It happens sporadically. But usually I can let my computer sit and sit and sit and no freezes. I can read plenty of web pages, copy and move files, compile programs, etc… etc… and no freezes. But it freezes at some point in watching a long movie or a whole episode of something in Flash or listening to a playlist in amarok. Is there anything I should be trying to check. Or something that is known about multimedia and possibly my Sandy Bridge processor etc… I know that’s NOT a lot of information to go on.


Such problems as described are most often hardware related. It could be a bad (video?) driver, bad memory and even an over heating computer. I would assume that memory would effect both Windows and openSUSE, but most all OS versions loaded. Any PC, older than a year, can suffer from over heating and needs to have ALL heat sinks blown out of dust. Also check all cooling fans which need to be checked for normal operation.

Since the kernel is where basic graphic support comes, why not give a newer kernel a try and see what it does.

Kernel 3.4:…ux-3.4.tar.bz2 Kernel 3.3.7:…-3.3.7.tar.bz2

The SAKC Kernel Compile: S.A.K.C. - SUSE Automated Kernel Compiler - Version 2.71 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Get ANY Kernel back to 2005: S.G.T.B. - SuSE Git Kernel Tarball Creator - Version 1.80 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Just some more options to consider. I think, and its only my opinion, that this issue is considered to be a graphic display problem, that the openSUSE distro can do little to fix.

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I should have mentioned that I have a dual boot with windows vista and don’t get freezes using it.

I liked your kernel idea, and I was happy you posted SAKC, cause I’ve never updated a kernel b4 except through suse updates.

I ended up using kernel 3.4, lets cross our fingers.

So I want to know if this has helped you in any way. You have just got to come back and give us any details about improvements with a newer kernel. It is also helpful to me and all that read this message thread. Second, this is on a personnel side, how easy to use is SAKC and what suggestions, if any, can you make to get SAKC better at what it does? Any and all comments you have about using SAKC are helpful to me.

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okay, I’ll be sure to do that. Already I’ve had a problem, though, but this happened b4, too. I sometimes leave my computer for a while, come back, and my monitor screen won’t turn on and the keyboard won’t work (even numlock indicator doesn’t turn on.) Had to do a restart tonight.
This has happened in other computers and other monitors, even in windows before. So I guess this problem is universal. Haven’t gotten any freezes, though, but like I said it happens sometimes, and sometimes not.

S.A.K.C. was very easy to use, the only drawback I could say was the kernel file HAS to be in ~/Downloads. I had put mine in ~/Downloads/kernel/ and it complained it couldn’t find the file.
Oh, and I didn’t customize at all, just did the default config (said “No” to customizing with GUI) , and no Turbo Mode.

Where should I post with any updates on my kernel 3.4 experience?

Just to let us know of your kernel experience, you can post here, but there is that kernel 3.4 thread you can also do a post release message if you like. If it is a bug report, its not going to be seen here and should be posted else were, but we want to know everything you have to say.

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well, I was all set to report back some good info about kernel 3.3.7, but then my computer froze. 3.4 was freezing like crazy, so I went with 3.3.7 (a more stable one) and I watched like 5 movies on my computer, watched bunch of long flash shows, listened to music, and nothing was making my computer freeze over a period of 4 days or so. Then all of a sudden my wireless card started acting up and I wasn’t getting a connection, so I tried all sorts of things, and decided to just restart. Well I booted up into 3.3.7 like I did before, went straight to the opensuse forums to report good things, and while I was replying to this thread, bam, it froze. I knew I shouldn’t push my luck. But it appears to be doing fine right now.

oh and I also ended up turning dpms off. I tried using xorg.conf with Option “DPMS” “false” under the monitor section, but that didn’t work. So I ended up making a .bash_profile file located in user folder with xset -dpms. That’ll prevent the screen from not coming back on.