Completely surprised by OpenSUSE

So I recently decided to try OpenSUSE again after a few years. My prior experiences were…unpleasant. To the point where OpenSUSE was actually my least favorite OS I had ever used. Including WinME, Win8. Yeah, not good experience. Wasn’t expecting much. Tried the lastest LEAP (15.3 as of when I tested), and wasn’t disgusted. I thought I remembered LEAP being advertised “updated software on a stable base” but obviously that was an incorrect memory. Software was mostly too old for my tastes (anything older than Debian Stable is essentially too old for me, and sometimes Debian Stable still too old) but I was able to remove patterns so that software I didn’t want would never come back, which was the big issue previously. Converted my install to TumbleWeed and have been absolutely pleasantly shocked at how nice it is. Running it on my Lenovo Thinkpad L14 G1A (Ryzen Pro 4650U, 32GB, 1TB, AX200 wifi/BT 5.x) and it runs really well.

Nothing really constructive to say, just wanted to say that it really changed my mind about OpenSUSE this latest time.

Welcome aboard.