Completely remove a package as well as dependencies

Hi, I’m new to openSUSE and maybe this is a silly question.
If I install package foo that requires foodep1 and foodep2 the two are installed automagically by yast.
How can I cleanly remove the foo package (this means remove not only foo but also foodep1 and foodep2 if no other package requires them)?


Open YaST>Software management and bring up the packages you are interested in; click on the box to the left of the package name until it shows a trashcan/wastebin.

Click on Accept.

This will work but requires me to remember that foodep1 and foodep2 (in my silly example) have been installed by foo installation.

I was looking for something automatic (like apt-get autoremove).
Is there any solution?


AFAIK the answer is no.
This question is asked many times already and I recite from what I remember is the quintesence of the answers there.