Complete openSUSE mirror

Dear All,

I’m looking for a complete openSUSE mirror that can be rsync-ed. What I mean with “complete” is I need distribution/, updates/, and repositories/ directories that are available under the openSUSE mirror base directory.

I have taken a look at and it provides several modules. Module opensuse-hotstuff-160gb almost fits my needs but it is still not complete as what I really want. It has repositories/ directory but its distribution/ directory only contains 11.1 directory tree. I also need repository for other openSUSE versions just like what opensuse-full-with-factory module has: 10.3, 11.0, 11.1, and the latest 11.2-Milestone1.

I’m maintaining an openSUSE repository in Indonesia, The openSUSE mirror is accessible from Index of /opensuse/. You can see there I have repositories/ directory and a complete set of repositories under distribution/ directory. I do this by doing rsync from 2 sources: opensuse-hotstuff-160gb and opensuse-full-with-factory (but I don’t mirror the factory/ directory).

Is there an openSUSE mirror that contains directories like these? It appears to me that some modules in the are not subsets of the other modules.