complete newbie to OpenSuse/Linux. Help with DNS and RDP

I just installed OpenSuse 11.4 on my Lenovo X60 laptop. I have Windows 7 running on all my other systems.

I have 2 questions (at the moment):
I have several web sites running one computer.
ie- pc1:8080

I can’t seem to connect to these sites without using the IP address. Do I need to do something special to set up my dns?

I have a workgroup setup, no domain.

Second question…
how do I connect to my Windows 7 computers via RDP.

For the second question, it all depends on what desktop environment you are using. KDE has something called “krdc” that has RDP support, GNOME has something out-of-the-box as well (but I happen to use “remmina” from the “contrib” repository, it’s quite good) – check in Applications → Internet.

For the first question, do you use DNS or WINS for name resolution on the Windows machines? You could also add entries to /etc/hosts for the machines that you want to connect to, but that gets kinda problematic if the IP addresses of the windows machines changes (via DHCP, etc). NetworkManager (if you are using that) will automatically update DNS as it obtains IP addresses, but I’ve found that doesn’t happen very quickly, unfortunately.

When you want to use a DNS serrver you have to configure which one is that DNS server. When using DHCP this configuring is normaly done by DHCP. Else you have to do it yourself (e.g. in YaST). You can see what your DNS server is in /etc/resolv.conf.