complete idiotsguide

Hi there. I am real new to linux and I have tried to install wine now many times and Envy and I am still sitting here like a big questionmark. I almost have no clue what I am doing to be honest.
Been years since last time I did touch redhat. like 10 years or so.

But to the point, Can someone help me to get atleast wine to work?
Do a real step-by-step feed in with a teaspoon if you have the patients to do so?

I am on the opensuse newest release Live 86 release :stuck_out_tongue:


The KDE one btw


How is your installation otherwise, have you added additional repositories into yast? The wine package is included in the main repository and should be easy to install, just select it and dependencies should be solved automatically.

If you just have the KDEcd wine is perhaps not included, have you tried to build it from source?

In any case you might want to read this: NEW Users - Suse-11.2 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums


I tried that and aswell with the nvidia packs and virtual machine things. Then I just got a “fu” 40% in the install. Now it say wine and all is installed… Cant find wine anywere, tried in console, but lacks this and that.
And same with the virtual machine.

Try from Konsole this command: winefile

If that command loads up winbrowser, Wine is installed.

Is there any particular program/game you would like to run in Wine?

Perhaps you should consider a fresh install, if you are new to OpenSuSE, and take it step by step according to the link I gave you. OpenSuSE can seem a bit troublesome in the beginning with having multimedia fully functioning, but it is alright when you know how to do it. Just follow the guide.

It is better to have a fresh installation to set-up your system properly from than one which perhaps is a bit messed up.

I’m not sure what you’re saying with

Now it say wine and all is installed… Cant find wine anywere, tried in console, but lacks this and that.

However Loke if you’re not too far gone you might place under consideration a complete re-install. So if you do, do that it’d go something like this:

  1. put in your Live disk & click install
    2)after the re-install is done, including the configuration after install go here:
    Restricted Formats/11.2 - openSUSE-Community
    Click the KDE version in your case,let yast do its thing you’ll be asked to confirm keys just click the OK’s for them
    3)then go here,
    NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE
    though some don’t like these they do WFM they may for you too when it’s done with that
    4)then open Yast>Software Management in search type libdvdcss
    delete the one you find there
    5)Now go to Yast.Software Repositories look for a libdvdcss repo there delete it
    6)Minimize Yast go here
    Additional package repositories - openSUSE
    ( For now bookmark this page You’ll be back)
    Also while you’re here find the VLC repo copy the link there
    7)bring up Yast>software repositories click Add next your way through until you come to a box with 2 Blank spaces on it paste the link you just copied in the URL space click Finish
    8)Now Yast>Software Management in Search type libdvdcss again
    this time click to install
  2. do as you did in step 4 only this time you delete the VLC repo you won’t need it any more
    10)Now go back to the page listed in step 6
    11)search for the Wine repo repeat step 7
    12)search for the Mozilla repo repeat step 7
    13)Software Management now type in VLC what you’ll have should be the Packman version (if you look in the Right pane there’ll be a “.pm” in the version numberline of to install
    Go back to search type in mplayer , then click to install, type in wine click to install click Accept
    When the Box pops up click continue when Yast is done Once more get Software Management
    14)Now in search type in each of the following to see if you have it look in the right pane If it’s checked you got it if it’s not checked click to install it

15)after you’ve done all this if all has gone well you’ll have a working OPensuse 11.2 system now you can
16)open Konsole type in winecfg that’ll get wine working
17) go here
Free calculator software - Moffsoft FreeCalc is a great replacement for your Windows calculator.
It’s a simple app to check your wine just click the Download save the file in your Downloads
18) OPen Downloads find the MoffsoftFreeCalcSetup.exe right click it select Open with in the Box that shows up type in wine the Moffsoft installer should show up just next your way thru it.
You should then have the Moffsoft Calculator onscreen & in your Desktop folder will be the Shortcut icon & in the Kmenu under the Applications Tab you should see Wine click thru it you should also see Moffsoft (that & the open with is how you get wine)

Well, Loke,I do hope this helps & is what you were after.
So that said Welcome to OpenSuSe & its forums.

this may not be ‘complete’ but it makes no difference since you are no
idiot (otherwise you wouldn’t be here) so, for the Rather Complete
Smart but (Kinda) New Person Guide to openSUSE, see my earlier posting


This is probably the best ‘guide’ to linux:
Linux is not Windows

I see a lot of what you’re doing right now: install openSUSE, install wine, and see that I get my windu programs running. You’d be much better off getting used to native linux alternatives. That would teach you about linux on the way.

Knurpht wrote:
> This is probably the best ‘guide’ to linux:
+1 (i’m fat enough and old enough to vote as often as i wish)

read the full Linux is NOT Windows here:
it is a VERY worthwhile way to get started…