Complete encrypted Laptop with openSUSE11?

Is there any way i can set up my Laptop while first installation with openSUSE11, using the installer? Like i can do in debian or ubuntu…

I guess i need to create unencrypted sda1 for /boot.
Then i guess i need to create a partition for LVM, so that i will need only ONE password for the volumegroup (having inside / and /home and /tmp). So i do not need several passwords for several partitions…

In debian it is realized similar like this way i guess.
But with openSUSE11 i can’t get it work.

I also get error messages “you typed wring password”, but i did not type any before! I was not even asked to type one…

Does anybody have a solution, how to encrypt my whole laptop?
I know there’s the “hard” way Encrypted Root File System - openSUSE, but this is not what i want…

Or is the installer simply buggy yet??

Thanks for any help!!

I’ve been just through any possible procedure - it does not work. I’m very disappointed, especially since encrypting of root was supposed to be a new feature of 11.0.
I’ve tried normal install and LiveCD.
Normal Install doesn’t allow to encrypt root at all.
With the Live CD you can create an encrypted partition and try to install root into that partition, but it will not boot, even with a separated /boot partition.
Fedora provides this with its installer as well.