I tried to install a package of extra Compiz Fusion plugins but it won’t run. Says there is some kind of conflict or error. Anybody know where I can find this. The particular plugin I want is Show Mouse. Thanks:\

Dear metal919,

I can not answer your question, but I hope I can give you some advice. You should defiinitely give more information because you must keep in mind that those people who know much about a subject are often very busy. Thus they will simply skip a help question where there is nothing to read and go to another question where the poster did everything to provide as much usefull (and beyond) information as possible.

Thus start with telling whcich level of openSUSE you are using and which Desktop you are running.

Thus do not say “tried to install a package of extra Compiz Fusion plugins”, but “I tried to install <package> from <source> using <tool>” ad I got as far as …
Thus do not say “there is some kind of conflict or error”, but "then I got <literal text of message>
When you use a terminal for doing this the best way to show what you did and got is copy/paste from the terminal to the post (and do not forget to put that between CODE tags, else the text will be mutilated).

Please put a little bit more effort in your help request to make it easier for the volunteers here to spend their time usefull and not spoiling it for searching for their crystal balls.

Use simple css for fusion set up and you can get all the effects.

Thank you for your concise aid to a linux beginner.

A guide exist here
Compiz Fusion - openSUSE