compiz, where do I turn it off?

I’ve been setting up 11 for a couple days, and seemed to have lost my way to desktop enhancements or whatever the proper name is. I like OS the more I get into it. Thanx for any help

If you mean the desktop effects:
Computer > Control Panel > Desktop Effects
and uncheck the “Enable desktop effects”

Are you using KDE or gnome?

In KDE 3.5 you can configure compiz by “Compizconfig Settings Manager” and “Desktop Effects”. To do that goto:

K Menu > Applications > Utilities > Desktop > Compizconfig Settings Manager/ Desktop Effects.

Not sure about gnome, but the way should be similar.

Thankyou both. I got it off now.,… then turned it back on ;o)

At the top left of a window you can right click on the little menu icon beside the window name and get to window settings “advanced” in there used to be a “special windows setting” and I could “remember” the position and size of the window that I’m working with. I don’t have that now and thought the compiz might have taken it out but it didn’t. KDE 3.5? any ideas?


bsoderror wrote:

> Thankyou both. I got it off now.,… then turned it back on ;o)

Next session will be On again…
Not sure if you are asking how to switch if off for all future sessions, but
if so, you need to go to the control centre (in the KDE menu) then KDE
components>Session Manager and under Window Manager select KWin (KDE