Compiz Start-up

Hello Everyone,

I am trying KDE4.1.1 on 32 bit SUSe 11.0.

All is good. However I have 2 problms as of now.

  1. I can’t find setting for auto-starting compiz. It was i personal settings in 3.5 but not here.
  2. On starting compiz minimize,maximize and close buttons on windows dissappear.
  3. Is it possible to get widget layer and widgets on 3.5.

Thanks to all who are making linux happen.


Config Desktop - Default Applications
seems to be where it is now - though I don’t use that

You could (and might be better) using Fusion Icon to start it from the menu. You may have to install this component of Compiz.


Thanks for your response. However I am not able to get it going.
Maybe i’ll wait till next version.

Thanks anyway

use fusion-icon or go to configure desktop > default application > Windowmanager and select compiz

i posted a soultion to woidgets in kde 3 on your other post