Compiz quits when exiting KDE apps from GNome

I’m running OpenSUSE 11.1 x86_64
I’m using GNome as my desktop environment, but I prefer some of the KDE
tools such as konsole and krdc and k3b.
I also like to use Compiz.

My problem is that when I exit any KDE application compiz unloads and
takes the window decorator with it.
So the 3d stuff is inactive and I lose the title bars and window frames
and what-not.

If I use the Compiz Fusion tray icon to “reload window manager” I get
it all back, but after a few hours of that noise the environment starts
to act wiggy and I need to reboot.

Any idea why KDE apps are causing my compiz to unload on exit? How can
I prevent it?

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