Compiz Problim

Hello all.

Iv been trying to install Compiz But i keep getting this error

Im using KDE 4
OpenSUSE 11](

Any help?


For the first conflict you’ll want

[X]Do not install compiz-0.7.8

For the second conflict you’ll want

[X]Do not install compiz-kde4-0.7.8

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thats for the reply m8 XD.

but now its say

Software installation

Installation was only partially successful.

The following packages could not be installed


You don’t need the fusion icon. Of course you’ll need to do something to get window borders when you enable Compiz. Follow these instructions for the part after you’ve gotten it installed

Compiz hell ? Need help - openSUSE Forums

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How do i start Compiz with out the fuzion-icon?

I’d link to a post, but I’m too lazy to search right now :wink:

Click the application launcher (k-icon or green openSUSE lizard) then go to Applications>Configure Desktop (Personal Settings). Under Personal click into Default Applications. Go down to Window Manager. Choose Use a different window manager and choose compiz (not compiz custom).

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Thanks heaps XD

Iv got it going now

No problem. If you have any more problems with compiz use the search function. Use the advanced search function then for keyword put compiz and under search by username put my name there (ijbreakey). I’ve replied to 38 different threads on compiz. And I’m pretty sure I’ve run into most of the problems regarding getting compiz to function properly.

Hope the rest of the ride is smooth :wink: