Compiz problem

Everything’s ok with that except for one weird thing: when i turn desktop effects on all apps windows that are supposed to be maximized when run don’t really get maximized leaving thin edges on top, bottom and left-right corners. That also results in partial visual corruption of fonts in the windows. That happens to browsers mainly. Still, i can fix that by minimizing the window and maximizing it, that way it gets normal. But if i close an app and open it back again it’s the same half-maximized with broken fonts inside. Any solutions?..

On 02/22/2012 07:06 PM, Zelator wrote:
> Any solutions?..

since you didn’t declare, i’ll assume you are using the latest version
of openSUSE and one of the most popular desktops (please always include
such basic info)

are you sure you are using compiz?

i think if you are that could be the problem (that is to say: as far as
i know neither the KDE4.7 nor Gnome3 for 12.1 uses compiz)

but, if you are not using compiz, then try installing a better video
driver, start here:

What does DistroWatch write about YOU?:

I’m sorry, i said what version i’m using in my previous post. But anyway: openSUSE 11.4, Gnome 2.32, and integrated compiz desktop effects.

Well, DenverD tries to help you on the base of a lot of guesses. Most people will not. Please take into account that most of us have their crystal balls put into winter storage.

Probably better without effects IMO
Post the result of

/sbin/lspci -nnk

On 02/22/2012 08:26 PM, Zelator wrote:
> i said what version i’m using in my previous post

which is not part of this thread…and, yes i guess i could search the
forums to learn what you were using in your last post…but, i won’t…

What does DistroWatch write about YOU?: