Compiz no window deco working 11.4 KDE4.6.0


There is a thread for 11.3 with problems on window deco with compiz Compiz - no window decorations for compiz in 11.3, kde4

I thought I might start one for 11.4.

11.4 KDE4.6.0 64-bits.

I have posted in the above link, saying what I did and also why I need compiz and not kwin as my window manager. This means KWin is not a replacement for me.

So I wonder if anyone got compiz working with any of the window deco in 11.4 KDE4.6?

Other option I could post errors I get when I start kde4-window-decorator inside compiz. No I cannot use emerald (it’s my favorite) cuz as explained in the above post, the basic package does not seem to exist in any repo so far (for 11.4). Not sure if I can compile it yet, might want to take a look at that as well.

What do you think?


So I can confirm the issue that you have found, though I was just playing around with Compiz and don’t normally keep it running. I run into an interesting thread on Compiz you might want to read.

OpenSuse 11.4 and Emerald :slight_smile:

Thank You,

Yes, as I mentioned in my other post it’s sad, I really don’t like that, KWin is not yet ready to overtake Compiz.

How will I have my windows to always open in the specified viewports/workspaces, with specific size/geometry and specific place (X,Y) on screen if I don’t use Compiz? Unless there is another application doing that, I may google around and see.

Also Kwin does not have the effect for which you scroll your mouse button on the title bar and it scrolls up and down the window but keeps the title bar visible. I use that feature a lot, could not find anything comparable in KWin.

I will try to dig more and see who can do what to have Compiz working in KDE4.6.

Interesting post, I will try that trick, tnx! :slight_smile:

Actually, since at least KDE4.4 there is the option to set specific window position/size using Kwin.

Window-specific options in KDE 4.4

I completely forgot about this one. I will try if it works well with KDE4.6. If yes, then there is only one or two plug-ins of Compiz I would really miss, but at least I could I think have 11.4 KDE4.6 running with the compromise.