Compiz issue: Oh no! Something has gone wrong.

Hi hello! :slight_smile:

I meet a problem on Gnome of openSUSE v12.1 64-bit. While I try to enable Compiz(Desktop Effect), it shows “Oh no! Something has gone wrong.”. I don’t know how to enable(or solve) it. Could you please give me solutions?

My Graphics Card is NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560 Ti (MSI N560GTX-Ti TWIN FROZR II). I had installed my NVIDIA driver with SDB:NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE.

Gnome 3 doesn’t use compiz… AFAIK it’s only there for KDE4??

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openSUSE 12.1 (x86_64) Kernel 3.1.0-1.2-desktop
up 16:15, 3 users, load average: 0.01, 0.05, 0.05
CPU Intel i5 CPU M520@2.40GHz | Intel Arrandale GPU

Excuse me. :open_mouth: I don’t understand it.
Do you mean that Compiz is unavailable on the Gnome3 of openSUSE v12.1?

On 12/29/2011 10:16 AM, johnhmj wrote:
> Do you mean that Compiz is unavailable on the Gnome3 of openSUSE v12.1?

i think it means, that Gnome 3 alone has all the capability (and more)
than did gnome2+compiz…

i mean, compiz was a necessary thing back the middle of last decade…

well, compiz and “desktop effects” are not interchangeable terms…

if you can’t enable desktop effects that has nothing to do with
compiz…so, you need to work on getting the best video driver for your
system…begin here:

using the term compiz slowed down your help…precision is important.

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I had seen it(openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users) before. I had already installed my NVIDIA driver with SDB:NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE(Geforce 6 and newer - Easy way to get NVIDIA drivers). But now I still can’t enable “Desktop Effects” on Gnome3 of openSUSE v12.1.

Before openSUSE v12.1, “Desktop Effects” of v11.4 was successfully enabled on my PC. Now I don’t know where the problem is. :frowning:

I will try to re-install openSUSE v12.1. :frowning:

I don’t think a reinstall will help. There have been a number of threads concerning display rendering problems with openSUSE 12.1 and Gnome 3. For example:

The problem is located between the chair and the keyboard. Compiz and GNOME3 don’t fit together… what’s so special about it? That’s something you need to take to Compiz developers, they are the ones who have to fix it. In fact Compiz shouldn’t even be a part of 12.1… At release date Compiz was highly unstable with KDE4 (known issue for everyone) and has absolutly no support for GNOME3…

You have an excellent opportunity to hack some code and fix it :slight_smile:

Gnome 3 developers made it incompatible with ANY window manager other that Mutter (and incompatible with users too :P).
Compiz developers can’t fix it, because it’s not broken.

Mutter “desktop effects” are quite pathetic compared to compiz, but maybe it will improve over time.

But Compiz isn’t deprecated yet, it can be used with xfce, and together they rock!