Compiz-fusion working on M2!

Wow!! On a beta release! First time ever!

Install all the compiz stuff (compiz-kde package and compiz-fusion) from opensuse 11.1 repo, switch your xorg.conf line “Composite off” to ON (I have added 2 other lines for glx and root clipping, but not sure they are required), reboot, load fusion-icon and TADA! Everything works like a charm! Of course install nvidia drivers first.

I have found 2-3 sort-of-bugs not related to 3D, I will log those. But so far testing the 3D (important for me) returns no flaw.

lm-sensors working, fancontrol working…

And 11.2 is super fast! Loads very quickly (I compare with 10.3) and runs quickly once in.

Uses 25% of my cpu all the time though, even at idle, I have to track that but I think there is a thread already running on this.

Time to continue adding my packages and test around.

Is that on a “recently updated” M2 or original? If updated, please confirm the level of kernel you now have installed.

BTW, you would notice a speed improvement of 10.3 ==> 11.2, I did with 10.3 ==> 11.1, particularly the package management, updates, etc. :slight_smile:

You’re right I forgot to mention, I use kernel-source-2.6.30-4.1.
Hum, I don’t think it’s the most recent, but suse updater in the systray tells me I am up to date on packages.

Package management is almost instantaneous, yes. :slight_smile: Huge improvement over 10.3! Startup/boot time has also been dramatically reduced since 10.3.

Still trying to figure out how to change mouse sensitivity, I will google the question. rotfl!

Did you recently have a look at the desktop effects in kWin?

If you want to know what’s eating performance/cpu time, open a terminal window and issue the command ‘top’. You can quit the output by typing a ‘Q’ or ‘q’.

Yes, with the TOP command I will know. :slight_smile: Seemed to be better the last time, though, I need more test days.

No I have not looked at Kwin’s effects yet, only checked once on Fedora 11 or 12 a few months ago, maybe they improved, but compiz has effects and how to trigger them that suit perfectly with the way I use my mouse and kbd. I will give Kwin’s a try as well.

So far I am impressed that the second 11.2 release is working that good overall. I’ve seen a lot worse with older versions when at the same stage of development. :slight_smile:

Hey Knurpht,

I checked the KWin’s effects, I must say they aren’t bad, I like the way it’s possible to place windows (geometry, location, etc.), quite easy to work with, especially the xprop integrated command that gets the window information for you and gives you assignment choices.

Effects are interesting, but they lack one important one for me, which is the opacity on the cube when NOT activated. In compiz you can see through the cube if you lower opacity, while you are working on your workspace. Then you can switch sides and you will see the edges of the cube switching (kwin flips desktop instantaneously). That is not possible with kwin, I have asked KDE. They say the feature has not been designed to support that and they won’t rewrite it, of course. Sad, I like the compiz effect, gives a great perspective to the eye.

But there is a lot of potential with kwin, I think, worked pretty well on M2, a few flaws that are already logged at KDE and some fixed for next build.

If I can convince myself to ditch the opacity on cube in compiz, I’d go with kwin. :slight_smile:

I’m Just wondering, is the 180.xx bug fixed with compiz and nvidia cards? I would really like to know because, I chose KDE because of Kwin not being affected. People logged this bug months ago and last time i checked (2 months ago), they weren’t even considering looking into the problem.

What bug exactly?