Compiz Fusion on 4.3 X

These instructions are somewhat spare. Would you please give me a hint which packages need to be installed?

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I was rather hoping @ijbreakey might reply here. He uses Compiz. I prefer to stick with kwin’s implementation of Compiz.

I found post where he was addressing Compiz: Compiz hell ? Need help - openSUSE Forums

To me the title say’s enough to keep me away from the full blown Bells and Whistles of Compiz.
Kwin desktop effects employs sufficient features for me and it has never caused me any trouble.

My 2 cents

Mh…ijbreakey mentions on you posted site that he installed Compiz Fusion via One-Click-Installer. On the site of the OCI it states though, that for KDE 4.3x and above, “please do NOT use the OCI”. Every package should be added manually. Does anyone work with Compiz Fusion on the latest KDE here?

The only reason it tells you not to use the one-click install is because it adds that extra KDE 42 repository, which will screw up your KDE implementation with 4.3. As one-click installers seem to be used by the people who are still new to linux, this is a serious problem, so the warning is a good warning.

Now more advanced users will automatically know to customize the installation and unselect that repository. Such as this:

First you need to click the one-click installer. Then choose customise (no really it’s spelled wrong).](

Then you need to uncheck the kde 42 repository and the 11.1 update and oss repositories. Leave only the kde4 factory repository and the devel:/tools:/building repository.](

Finally make sure all the packages are selected. And continue onward till it installs.](

I’ve also used this method with 11.2 and it works flawlessly as well.

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Hey THANKS. :wink:
This seems to work flawlessly except for… I cannot move the windows around and there are NO themes at all for Emerald Theme Manager. Do you know a fix for this?
Anyhow, I’ve linked your instructions to Compiz Fusion - openSUSE.

Ah, right. You can go into Yast and manually download the emerald theme package. I usually just have an emerald file in my /home directory that I use. As for moving around windows, that would be in the Window Management section of the CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM). Make sure Move Window, Resize Window, Put, and Place Windows are checked. Then the rest is up to you to use application switcher or shift switcher, scale, etc.

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Great! Simply…works.

Ian. Thanks for coming to my rescue;)

Haha no problem caf. You’ve come to my rescue more times than I can count. Glad I can at least help out every once in a while!

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