Compiz Fusion in 11.1

As far as i can tell KDE4.1 is not fully functional, so i decided to use
3.5 in opensuse 11.1. i am trying to install everything fails. i tried
via one click. it fails to install compiz
bucompizconfig-settings-manager but it tells me that it needs python
>2.6, in the repos of opensuse there is only 2.6 That means that i
cannot use fusion fully fanctioning. The Fusion-icon is installed but
when i try to run it… it does nothing

euklidis@euklidis-desktop:~> fusion-icon

  • Error: the “FusionIcon” module is missing. If you did not install
    fusion-icon to /usr, you may need to add the appropriate site-packages
    directory to your PYTHONPATH

So what do i have to do? :(:(:frowning:


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I had problems with compiz (too buggy) and found the solution in another
post where an url was given: ‘openSUSE 11.1 Compiz & NOMAD (xrdp) |
Ben Kevan’s Blog’

So I clicked compiz-fusion-gnome.ymp from here ‘Index of
and this includes compiz-icon. If you use kde there are
compiz-fusion-kde.ymp’s available as well.

Compiz now works much better, but emerald now doesn’t work anymore:(


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i fixed it and installed compiz. another problem appeared though.
Everything work perfectly exept that i cannot move windows. the stick at
their position and i can do nothing about it…


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I had the same problem, and I fixed it by using the 1-click install for
kde 4.1.

They now have three 1-click-installs: one for kde 4, kde 3 and gnome.

In that version, emerald worked perfectly. Try uninstalling compiz
fusion, and reinstalling from that repo, and see what happens.


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I had I similar problem with Compiz, I have a Intel graphic card and
this is how a solved. Go to the one click install for Compiz, select
not to install the packages that have the conflict/error with Python ,
continue with the installation.
After is the install is done follow the link and perform all the steps.

‘Intel with AiGLX - Compiz Fusion Wiki’

I hope this helps.


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