Compiz fps drop when video playback is fullscreen

I am using an LG R405-G laptop with the following specs
Intel Centrino T5500 Core 2 Duo
Intel GMA965 Video
160GB Hard Drive

I’m switching over from ubuntu and find opensuse a lot more easier to use and much more polished. So far things work great except for the video playback when compiz is enabled I even updated to the latest compiz-fusion through the one click installation which didnt really fix the issue. Toggled the video playback plugin and doesnt resolve anything.
Also toggled indirect binding and loose binding in compiz options and yet nothing. Changed the video playback on mplayer and vlc from xv to x11 but the performance is still sluggish (mplayer doesnt even go fullscreen under x11).

Also I have noticed a significant decline in overall performance when firefox is turned on. Though I had other issues in Ubuntu, all of this worked quite well and smoothly.

I am using OpenSuse 11.0 on a Gnome desktop environment. Please help!